Sunday, 26 May 2013

Forty Days Later...

I've always struggled with my weight, even as a kid I vividly remember being told not to eat too many smarties, 'they'll make you fat'. But, I ate them, and everything else in sight and there begun my life long battle with my weight. Except for my brief encounter with my Lighter Life induced size 8-ness (oh how I miss you!) I've always erred on the heavier side of curvy.

I didn't massively gain weight during pregnancy and breast feeding allowed me to eat whatever the hell I wanted for six months but unfortunately, this was totally too good to be true. After stopping breastfeeding Nora at just over six months, I totally piled on far too much weight. It hit April and I'd had enough, it was time to shift some of this wobble

So I've spent the last forty days and forty nights balancing being a mummy and working full time, along with embarking on a super extreme weight loss program.

I've dragged my wobbly backside out of bed every single morning to undertake, what I can only describe as a body and soul destroying workout before heading off to work. I was walking like John Wayne for the first four days, I couldn't get through the day without dosing up on Paracetamol. These pain staking twice daily workouts along with total clean eating have produced some amazing results and I'm bloody over the moon.

In just 40 long days I have managed to lose 25 inches of wobble and a massive 18lbs, now I definitely haven't forgotten that I have a hell of a long way to go still but I'm a dress size down and a million times happier!

This bootcamp was ran through Forte Fitness & Bootcamps. Their programme Forte Days of Lent is completed at home, you can do it from any corner of the globe!

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