Thursday, 5 September 2013

A Family Day Out...

I really feel like summer is drawing to a close now and today we managed to have a very rare but appreciated family day out .We took Nora on her very first trip to Whitby, for those of you who don't know, Whitby is a picturesque, traditional seaside resort on the North East coast. It's frequented by families, oldies and at certain times of year goths! Home to Bram Stoker's Dracula and some of the best fish and chips you'll ever have.

We started our day like an episode of parking wars, I was clearly mistaken when I assumed today would be a quiet day due to the schools going back. We headed to Green's of Whitby for lunch, and although the food was amazing, it has to be the least child friendly restaurant I've ever visited. Nora loves to have a good old chatter and this was met with complete disapproval from fellow diners, I've actually never been more flustered when eating a meal! Needless to say we literally wolfed down our delicious Whitby fish and chips and headed to the beach.

Check out Nory Noo in her Pocahontas esque outfit from her lovely Granny all the way from Skiatos, Greece!

It's rare these days that we get to spend the day just the three of us, Ste is now working five twelve hour shifts per week so we all really appreciated today.

Nora and Daddy loving the sunshine.

Nora is getting so grown up, she's looking completely child-like here!

She is an absolute sand monster, just like her auntie Em.

She's just the most lovely thing, ever! 

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