This is me;

I'm Jess. Rapidly approaching a quarter of a century old (depressing), co founder of Rock 'N Rose, super busy Mummy to Nora Jane and our extremely mental Puggle Wilfred and better half (haha) to my lovely Ste. We all reside in the North East of England in our beautiful house we purchased in 2011.

I have been partial to a spot of blogging in the past mainly involving, dieting, fitness and the such-like, but since becoming a Mummy to my beautiful Nora on 16th July 2012, I find myself spending hours reading through the blogs of other Mummy's picking up tips, tricks and enjoying sharing in other's comical happenings in the day in a life of a Mummy. 

To save my poor Instagram (@jesslathan) followers and Facebook friends from my insistent proud parent updates I've decided to plonk all of those moments here, to share with other mummies and interested folk who may just find them the teensiest bit entertaining.

If you'll enjoy stories of potties, nappies, exciting happenings at RnR HQ, puppies, baby giggles, Nora's amazing and ever expanding wardrobe, home improvements, breast feeding, crawling, eating far too much, dieting, over spending, being a mummy and everything else I manage to squeeze into my not-long-enough days, then you're in the right place!

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