Tuesday, 17 February 2015

3 Months from now...

This blog is a prime example of just how much of a serial dieter I am. 

I find myself back here, time and time again promising this is the last time and yet, I'm back again!

We are off to Antigua in May courtesy of the lovely people at Debenhams and Virgin Holidays, I can't bloody wait. What does fill me with complete and utter dread is the thought of a bikini, well myself in a bikini. So here I am rearing to go and ready to change my body as much as possible in just twelve weeks, but not just for twelve weeks, for good. 

I'm twenty seven in just a few months and I am determined not to spend the last third of my twenties wearing all black everything to disguise my rather large, well everything.

I'm going to keep myself on track by using my blog as someone to answer to, I've got My Fitness Pal good to go and I'm off to the gym tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

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