Friday, 3 May 2013

Diary of a Nora Bump!

While I was pregnant with Nora I always intended to use my blog as a way of recording my pregnancy journey, as usual though I didn't get around to it! I thought I'd have a little trip down memory lane and re-live my pregnancy through photos.

I must admit I was lucky enough to have the easiest pregnancy known to man or more appropriately, to woman. I had virtually no morning sickness or any other pregnancy symptoms, heck I didn't even grow much of a bump until I was 30 weeks gone, I worked right up until 40 weeks plus 9 days, at which point I was induced, our lazy little girl didn't want to make an appearance on time.

I did totally love being pregnant, it was such an exciting and special time. I'm also lucky enough to have a midwife as my Mummy so I constantly had the best expert advice at hand. Here are lots of lovely little memories...

Our first glimpse of Baby Powls at 12 weeks and 2 days! It's the strangest thing to think it was our beautiful Nora growing right there!

Our second peek at Baby Powls! This was the day we found out that Baby Powls was in fact, Baby Girl Powls! We were both so excited, I'd secretly hoped for a pink one. 

24 weeks - teeniest bump ever!

28 Weeks + 5 days - the first real signs of a bump, prior to this I just looked like I'd eaten far too many pies.

Me & My Nora bump at 30 weeks.

My view from my desk at Rock 'N Rose HQ at 32 weeks.

35 weeks pregnant in my gorgeous Traffic People dress, who needs maternity clothes?!

Jubilee bump! 

37 weeks

Wilfy puggle snuggling the bump!

38 weeks!

39 weeks! I had to get my lovely sister to cut off the lining of my dress so I could squeeze it over my bump!

6th July 2012 - due date bump!

VERY overdue bump!

My last ever bump picture - Nora arrived the day after weighing 7lb 4oz!

Nora Jane Powls 09.38am, 16th July 2012 - 7lb 4oz.

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